How to run a successful mobile marketing campaign

Businesses today must have a strong mobile presence. There’s no escaping the ubiquitous use of smartphones, tablets and other devices, such as smartwatches. Everyone is on a device for at least some of their day, making it a wide-open channel for communication and marketing.

While in the past, print adverts in magazines and clips on TV were considered the primary way of marketing a business, today it’s online. The good news is that it’s also something that every small business can do just as well as larger ones.

Start-ups should always consider their marketing plans when they launch their business. This should include all platforms, and be focused primarily on social media and mobile devices.

Here are some tips and tricks to run a successful online marketing campaign.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

We’re all customers of one sort or another, which makes it logical to consider what you think your customers want. You shouldn’t aim to take their data for marketing purposes without offering value in return. This is the key to encouraging customers back to your website, and your offering.

Think about what you would want to experience as a mobile offering from a company you’re considering interacting with, and put these into place for your customers.

Think exclusivity

Taking contact data and bombarding people with useless information, ads and messages won’t convert to sales. It’s likely to just annoy potential customers and turn them away from your business.

You must show you understand and value your customers and you take their contact data seriously. Offering a mobile exclusive coupon or money off offer is a way to communicate this to your customers. If they see value in your mobile offering, then they’re more likely to buy your product and come back time and again.

Communicate effectively

Engage with your customers effectively by considering the timing of communications, as well as the content. The messages you send must tie in with any special offers in a relevant and timely fashion.

For example, if you are offering money off coupons for a restaurant, then messages must be tailored for your customers. Don’t contact them with dinner offers at breakfast time, or vice versa. When and how you communicate your offer is key to customers engaging and taking you up on it.

To make sure that you are communicating with customers at appropriate times, and continuing to add to your database of contacts, effective marketing planning is vital. This must include social media platforms, personalised messages, exclusivity for customers and more.

Make the most of the mobile experience

Most people open their emails on their phone these days. Providing an engaging and pleasant customer experience from the start is imperative. Mobile marketing must be as targeted and carefully crafted as traditional online marketing. The chances are the first time a customer sees your business name will be from their mobile phone.

Localise your marketing

Mobile marketing is just as important for local businesses as for multinationals. To make sure you don’t miss out, your business details should be clearly listed on all your digital platforms and media. This means your address, contact information and hours of business. Customers want to see at a glance all of the information they need to make a purchasing decision. If it’s not easy to find, people will lose patience and go with a competitor.

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How to run a successful mobile marketing campaign
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